Our team of qualitative and quantitative pros will ensure you get the data you need to deliver the narrative your audience will love.

We will help you to best understand your customers and what's important to them, whilst insight adds further credibility to your key messages.

Quantitative Research

We support intelligent decision making by providing our clients with bespoke UK and international audience access to get invaluable insight at the most granular level. 

Through rapid representative polling we ensure clients always have the information they need at their fingertips - whether it's for market research, brand tracking, informing campaign creatives, pitching or PR stories - data storytelling is at the heart of what we do. 

Our network includes in excess of 100 million potential respondents across 92 countries. Our team is ready to deliver any element of your data creation for you from questionnaire design, to scripting and hosting, to curating your insight through analysis of results and providing custom evaluation. 

Qualitative Research

We understand that digging deeper into people’s experiences, behaviours and decision making processes sometimes requires a more hands on approach.There are huge benefits in making use of in-depth interviews to explore issues and attitudes to further explore the crucial ‘why’ element of research beyond what can be determined with a quantitative approach. 

We tailor our approach, understanding that researching different products or services requires a whole host of methodologies and techniques. Our offering is available in the UK and globally paired with expert moderators and translators to best fit your needs. 

Examples of services are included below: 

  • One-to-one Interviews in person
  • One-to-one Interviews remotely 
  • Formal Focus Groups (Neutral Setting) 
  • Informal Focus Groups (Naturalistic Observation) 
  • Campaign Evaluation Research 
  • Brand Tracking 
  • Employee Experience Research 
  • Customer Experience Research 

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