We are experts in Broadcast PR, News Generation & Retained Strategy.

Our focus is promoting and building positive reputation and public image.

Broadcast PR

The art of broadcast media relations is a mechanic of outreach and coverage revolving around conversation across TV, radio and podcast platforms. 

We offer end-to-end broadcast consultancy and execution including strategy development, talent negotiation, media relations, b-roll and video production, studio hire (both remote and in-person), outside broadcast and media training. 

Broadcast PR is a fantastic way to bring your brand, product or campaign to life. Audiences tend to be much more responsive to audiovisual content than written information, particularly if it is presented by someone they trust. 

 These mediums offer a more engaging and relatable experience, combining a human connection (via case studies or a spokesperson) with compelling sounds and imagery.

Examples of this service include: 

  • Consumer Broadcast Campaigns 
  • Corporate Broadcast Campaigns 
  • Consumer Media Campaigns (Press & Broadcast interviews) 
  • Corporate Media Campaigns (Press & Broadcast interviews) 
  • On-air Product Reviews
  • On-air Tastings 
  • Product launches

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News Generation

We craft campaigns that demand attention and cut through the ever evolving news agenda. Through creativity we land branded earned media coverage on top tier press outlets both in print and online. Our goal is to position your brand as a credible source of newsworthy information and an expert in the public eye. 

Basing our creatives on an insight led strategy approach and media audit, we then ‘media test’ our concepts with key contacts, with whom relationships have been built and nurtured over several years in the industry. Media strategies are curated based on your audience profiles and the assets available to ensure they work hard for us and compliment the overall campaign. 

Examples of this service include: 

  • Press release crafting
  • Business profiling
  • Newsjacking
  • Expert led advice pitching
  • Lifestyle/ glossy pitching
  • Showbiz/talent ambassador pitching
  • Case study pitching
  • Asset pitching
  • Newswires

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Retained Strategy

Through our retainer strategy we provide a monthly allotment of agency resources on an ongoing basis including a diverse mix of specialisms to support an overall strategy.

What you can expect from working with us: 

  • Building a relationship with a dedicated team
  • Working to clear targets and objectives 
  • A long-term program that works to build expertise, increase awareness and establish strong media relationships
  • Getting your brand in the public eye by garnering media and speaking opportunities
  • An ongoing insight driven media relations program to attract new clients or customers 
  • Identify opportunities for you to get involved through company news, expert comment, story hijacking and opinion articles.
  • Creative campaign ideation, strategy & execution 
  • A press office team, where announcements, press releases, media enquiries are handled by experts who know how to respond and manage relationships with the media.
  • Availability at short notice, ready to help out with any urgent matters.
  • Achieving both short and long-term goals
  • Working within a flat monthly fee.

Speak to us about our retainer models... Or if you’re not sure your brand is quite ready for a retainer approach, that’s not a problem. Let’s chat about how we can work together initially on your shorter term goals through project work.

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